Top 5 Walking Toys for Babies

Top 5 Walking Toys for Babies

It’s a great pleasure when your baby takes her first steps. Most babies start walking through their natural course of growth. However, sometimes they need a bit of helping hand in order to strengthen their leg muscles, motor skills, motivation and confidence. A lot of toys are available today that teach babies to walk, while entertaining and educating them at the same time. Here are some.

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1. Stationary Activity Centres

These have a number of benefits. They allow infants to stand and balance in a secure, padded space, usually with a 360-degree tray table. Previous models used to have wheels; but as they posed danger by rolling into risky places, they have mostly vanished from the market.

Various models of activity centres are available for kids of various ages and builds. They are typically equipped with accessories that motivate the senses, from animal sounds to button-operated blinking lights. Several other activity centres have springs in their support posts to help leg muscles grow for the preparation of forthcoming challenges.

Obviously more features come for higher prices. However, with some keen researching, you can get a fun model for a reasonable price, like Tiny Tiny Shop Shop’s top quality baby walking toys.

2. Stationary Activity Jumpers

These are also known as exercisers and are another enthralling option to promote walking. Attaching jumpers to the door frames were used for decades but their popularity declined because of safety concerns. However, the concept is still useful as jumping and moving around helps toddlers to learn about walking with their legs. Therefore stationary activity jumpers have got popularity.

These comprise of a sturdy frame suspending an enclosed seat from 2 to 4 covered springs. This design eliminates the risk of incorrectly attached harnesses. Still, parents must be additionally cautious while considering a used model to make sure about if it is as safe as when it was new. Most toddlers enjoy jumping around a lot and some even try to bounce higher and higher every day.

3. Outdoor Playsets

These are great to offer children an opportunity to use their confidence and overall coordination. Children enjoy playing on climbing frames and swings even from a very young age. Even the youngest member of the family can play on outdoor playsets on swings that have extra security features, and climbing frames and slides low to the ground.

Playing outside has a clear benefit to any kid, but the extra coordination challenges in balancing in swing sets or pulling themselves up mean that they get the chance to play with these kinds of outdoor playsets and get an added boost to their efforts for walking.

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4. Play Yards

These offer some of the advantages of outdoor playsets, but you can place them indoors too. They offer a safe yet fun environment for one or multiple kids to practice standing and walking, and also playing with others.

One of their most popular features is their portability and they can be set anywhere. They are especially useful in rainy days when they can be set up in any room of the house and when it’s sunny outside, they can be set outside. If you are extra concerned about your child’s safety, play yards are the best for you to fully manage your child’s play environment.

5. Toy Lawn Mowers

These offer a great opportunity to toddlers to copy their parents while honing their walking skills. These are available in several designs too that are safe, particularly on a safe, grassy ground, if the baby takes a tumble.

Used models are available at very cheap prices and you can find even brand new models that are not very pricey.

You can get many such Tiny Tiny Shop Shop’s outdoor toddler toys and enjoy your child’s first walking steps with them.

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