Know about everything that you should know about 3D mascara

Know about everything that you should know about 3D mascara

When it comes to makeup, your eyes are one of the most important face parts that need special care. However, there are many type of makeup that you can use for making your eyes more beautiful and stylist. Nowadays, 3D mascara is one of the essential things that every woman wants to have in their makeup kit. It provides a classy as well as different eye look. In a very short time, 3D eyeless mascara gain lots of popularity and win lots of hearts. Younique mascara is one of the trustworthy brands from where you can get your 3D eye fiber mascara. But before that it’s important to know more about the product other different aspects that can make your experience much easier.

Why 3D mascara is different?

This mascara is completely different from other products that you can get in market. It gives volume that makes your eye lashes long and thick. Apart from that, there are no harmful side effects, for saving your eyes this mascara is made by natural fibers that present in green tea so that means you can use your mascara without worrying about anything.  Such eyelashes mascara is water resistance but you can easily remove it by using simple steps.

How you can use it?

The application of such mascara is simple and hassle free. You can easily apply on your eyes but for making yourself more aware about how you are going to have perfect eyes, you can consider these steps first.

  • Curl your eyelashes first and then apply a single coat of your ordinary ,mascara
  • After that, apply another coat of gel that you will get in long tube
  • You will get an small tube, apply it on your eyes
  • Apply another coat of transparent gel for getting a final fibers
  • For avoiding clumps, use an eyelash comb.
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