Gendered Toys May Be Harming Childhood Development

Gendered Toys May Be Harming Childhood Development

This is a problem that not many parents pay attention to and they should. Getting toys for you kids is very important, but you should also pay attention to what kinds of toys they are playing with.  This is why you should buy something like a cheap kids plastic cubby house from Step2 Direct, which can help their imagination grow.

Toys can impact the choices

The fact is that everyone has a memory of at least one toy that they used to play with, and believe it or not that toy has somehow impacted your life. It does not matter if it was a train set, building blocks or a simple doll.

Kids create their own world when they play

Even though we do remember our favorite toys, that does not necessarily mean that they have greatly impacted our choices; for example, just because your favorite toy was a car, that does not mean that today you are a mechanic or anything similar.

However, recently there has been a research that has shown that the toys that our kids play with can greatly influence the choices they make in life. There are some toys that are made in a way that they will seem unattractive to one of the sexes, which can be quite a problem.

Let kids pick their toys

While you might not be okay with it, there is nothing wrong with allowing your kids to pick out their toys, no matter if the toys are not ‘meant’ for their gender. For example, if your boy wants to play with a Barbie doll just let him play with the doll.

The American Society has made a great significance in gender equality compared to the past, however, the children’s toys are somehow still moving to the opposite side. Keep in mind that the ways that our kids play will affect how their brains develop, so forbidding them from certain toys just because of their gender will cause some problems in the future.

Many of us do not even think of this as a problem, but you have surely seen how divided toys are in the stores, even by colors. The pink will always represent the girls while the blue color is automatically meant for boys, and that is just wrong.

Creative toys

You should already know that there are many toys that are created in a way to help your kids learn different things. If kid’s toys are gendered, this will limit their choices and their interest, which will, of course, affect them later in life.

Some toys will have a great impact on the career choice of your kids later in life

This is why there are a ton of professions that are filled with only one ‘gender’. For example, over 80% of research, engineering, technology professionals and scientist are male, while 82% of workers in services, leisure and caring are women. About 78% of secretarial and administrative workers are also female.

Critics said that the marketing of the toys is what makes them seem so gendered, since as it was mentioned, as soon as we see pink we relate it to girls, while the blue will always be for boys. But in the past, it was actually the other way around, not to mention that toys were somewhat equal.

Final word

Because of this problem, it is always good to allow your kids to pick the toys that interest them the most. You can also give them an option to bigger toys, for example the Step2 Direct sand and water table sets, that will help their social skills grow as they play in groups.

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