All You Should Know About Rolex Datejust

All You Should Know About Rolex Datejust

The solid designed, classic Rolex Datejust is a style icon. Rolex itself is a marquee standing upright in the watch industry since time immemorial. Datejust is one of the best models ever launched by Rolex. The well-known company has used exceptional watchmaking designs and techniques while making this versatile watch. The watch was first rolled out in 1945 and till today it is as popular as it was back then.

Rich History

The model when first introduced was equipped with changing date feature which was a remarkable innovative idea. The automatic watch came in an oyster case which made it a waterproof watch. The watch had a gold dial and brown leather belt. With the passage of time, Datejust experienced many improvements and updates. The design now emerged in two tones. The new models were now made of steel and came in pink gold color combination with stone dials or diamond bezels. Till today around 16200 variations of the Datejust model have come up making it the most popular watch in the history with Presidents to actors flaunting this watch on their wrists.

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Modern Day Datejust

The Modern Datejust features a number of designs and plays beautifully with steel or leather bracelets or dials. Today’s Datejust is an amalgamation of classic style and modern design making it even better from its predecessors.

The structure of the new model is quite same as the old one but built on modern day technology making it more durable. From taking care of its caliber 3135, chronometer automatic movement to its robust dial design, everything is done quite charismatically.


 The perfect blend of this old and new Datejust has turned this 72-year-old watch into a Heritage and people longing for various models of Datejust. This eternal watch is desired by all and can be perfectly showcased on the wrist of a man of any age.

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